Friday, September 4, 2009

West Coast Park fungi

After a long spell of not seeing any fungi, I spotted these beneath some shrubs in West Coast Park. So where can you find fungi in our parks? There are no designated lots for fungi to bloom. I never consciously went fungi hunting because you may not always find fungi even if you make an effort to look out for them. I just keep my eyes open especially when the weather is wet and things around are damp in the park. I pay attention to fallen tree trunks, decaying logs, tree stumps, tree trunks and branches as I walk along a trail or strolling along the garden paths looking for flowers. If conditions are right and you look at places that are dark, shaded and damp, you might be rewarded with the less common type of fungi. Everytime I come across a fungi that I do not see very often or have not seen before, I count it as one of my blessings.

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