Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fungi - Dairy Farm Nature Park

Today is a week since we visited this park to photograph fungi.The wet and dampness last Sunday has, over the week, given way to dryer weather. As expected, the same fungi we saw have withered. Those that are still holding out are not as fresh as before. The pink ones we encountered last Sunday have disappeared and this time the fungi we found were mostly those with stalks. We saw some that were new to us - those that were more jelly-like and looked almost edible but DON'T eat them just because they look harmless! Last week we did not venture into the Wallace Trail as it was in the later afternoon when we started our walk. This morning we walked the full length of the trail. Most of the fungi was found along this walk.

This time, I used the Canon 400D, initially experimenting with the macro lens 50 - 100mm and subsequently using the zoom 250 lens which I like because it is lighter and much more responsive. I did not use the flash even in low lighting conditions. Instead, I tried the various settings that allowed me to control either the aperture or the shutter speed. My greatest problem is the focusing. I used the autofocus all the time and some of the photos had subject that was sharp only at the edges. I think I should try playing around with the manual focus the next time. Overall, I enjoyed using the DSLR and the Canon IXUS is now my husband's toy.

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