Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fungi Hunting - How to look for fungi

When you walk along nature trails such as this one at the Dairy Farm Nature Park, look closely at the vegetation around especially at tree stumps, logs, fallen trees and dead leaves. Some fungi grow on the soil but most that I found were on decaying wood. There were times when I spotted fungi growing on truncated tree trunks high above the ground. This is when you need a zoom lens to get the photo that you want.

Fungi at the entrance to the Dairy Farm Park.
Justify FullFungi like these camouflaged themselves by blending in with the texture of the wood.
A tree stump that supported rich fungi growth.
You will not be able to see anything unless you take a closer look.
Surprise! A nice colony of dainty fungi.
See if you can spot them here.
Some fungi like to hide beneath fallen tree trunks.
I almost missed seeing them.
These are quite close to the trek but many people missed them.
Sometimes, you have to walk away from the beaten track to see these.
Lots of potential here!
Colours that blend. Easy to walk past them if you do not consciously seek them out.

The colours call out for attention - the right kind please.
A most interesting type of fungi. No one noticed. We missed it on the way into the park but saw it on the way out.

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