Monday, April 26, 2010

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve #2

When taking photos of a model, the photographer gives instructions to her to elicit the kind of feeling or mood that is desirable for that particular photo-shoot. When taking pictures of flowers and fungi, I wish sometimes that I could get them to do my bidding especially in photographing fungi because they are usually found away from the mainstream of people, sometimes hidden by leaves or the ground between me and the fungi could be mushy and wet. Since this is only wishful thinking, I have no choice most of the time but step on the mud, duck under branches and pray that I will not step on a snake or a creepy crawlie. These fungi look like they were just planted right where I wanted them to be. Actually, I had to brave swarms of mosquitoes, the mud and moving a little out of the trail to get these shots. No regrets for my 'models' were worth all the inconvenience I had to bear with.

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