Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bukit Batok Nature Reserve

It was a cool Sunday morning because there were thunderstorms the night before. The air in the nature reserve was fresh and the greenery sparkled with droplets of leftover rain. The soil was soggy and the wood was damp. Here are the fungi we spotted in order of appearance:

Using only an autofocus camera, it was difficult to capture anything white without making it look flat and lifeless. I tried my best by adjusting the white balance and got a nice shot from below the fungus.

Similarly, the yellow colour did not show up at all when I went completely auto. I had to play around with the white balance setting again.

It was difficult to make this fungus stand out from the complicated background. I put those leaves behind it to see what effect could be obtained.

Next to the solitary fungus was this family of mushrooms waiting to be given the same attention I gave to their neighbours.

A whole lot of mushrooms that are similar to the first set we saw.

Finally, these commonly seen fungi caught our eyes.

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